The Gleaner, dir. Harry Lennix, USA 

Written by: Eric Simonson   Produced by: Natalie Britton

Lane, a serious purveyor of modern masterpieces, discovers his multi-million dollar purchase is a fraud... perpetrated by the beautiful assistant of the deceased artist. He has a few choices in front of him- will he do the honorable thing, the deceitful thing... or something far worse. 

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Cast: Angus Macfadyen, Victoria Platt, Steve Marvel, Sue Cremin 

THE GLEANER, a new short film directed by film, television and stage star HARRY LENNIX (The Blacklist), featuring Angus Mcfadyen (BRAVEHEART, TURN) and penned by Academy Awarder Eric Simonson (Amazon's THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE), produced by Natalie Britto. Film premieres on Friday, June 16th, at the Door Kinetic Arts Festival at Björklunden. Be the first to see DKAF's newest film venture. 

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