2019 DKAF Schedule


2nd Annual dkaf Cocktail Competition - 3PM @ Hatch Distillery

Back for round two, the 2nd annual DKAF cocktail competition will be held at Egg Harbor’s new Hatch Distilling Co. Contestants have been asked to use a Hatch Distilling product in their cocktail creations (vodka, gin, or bourbon) and are required to evoke the spirit of Door County through taste and presentation.

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monday, june 10

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tuesday, june 11


wednesday, june 12

  • 5PM - Donor Event featuring DKAF Special Guest (TBA)

  • 7PM Cocktail connoisseur Robert Simonson introduces Wednesday’s featured cocktail

  • 7:30PM Harold Green live performance: Dr. Martin Luther Green III

  • 8PM - DKAF Koffeehouse


thursday, june 13


friday, june 14

  • 7PM - Cocktail connoisseur Robert Simonson introduces Friday’s featured cocktail

  • 7:30PM - Sossy Mechanics live performance: “The Perfict Family”